Lansley climate reports strengthen action and support efforts, says UN

Lansley climate reports strengthen action and support efforts, says UN

The UN’s climate change chief says climate change is taking tolls in developing countries but climate change is already having a devastating impact on some developing countries.

In a speech on Monday in Beijing, UN chief Ban Ki-moon said progress on addressing climat더킹카지노e change was being accelerated after a three-year moratorium on new laws and regulations was lifted following the 2016 Paris climate talks.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told reporters on Monday that the action and support measures that are being taken are already taking steps that are being accelerated and that “things are just getting worse and worse” in some developing n더킹카지노ations.

In a report released Tuesday, the International Energy Agency said energy demands in developing countries had climbed by 25% since 2007 to reach 7.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2050 from 5.1 billion tonnes in 2007.

“The most urgent problem is electricity sector, because that is the main source of electricity demand,” said Michael Levi, the IEA’s director-general.

“It’s the fastest-growing source of GHG emissions. The fastest-growing emissions is the consumption of fossil fuels.”

The IEA’s projections are also likely to cause an increase in energy-related poverty in developing countries as some people will simply not have the money to live with electricity bills of up to three times their local average, which is project바카라사이트ed to reach 13 times in some regions.

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