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Proving the existence of the existence of Jesus by the authority of Scripture is extremely difficult. It is very difficult to establish that one or more of the following statements is a direct quote of Scripture and that each statement is related to the existence of Jesus by the authority of Scripture.

1. I am aware that Jesus was a prophet.

Jesus is an “abrupt historical figure.” Scripture does not speak of Jesus (1 Cor. 1:3; Mark 4:34; Acts 19:21; Rev. 19:3; 2 Cor. 1:16) nor does Scripture speak of Jesus who was “an author of such revelation” as Isaiah prophesied (Isa. 53:2; Mark 8:20) nor does Scripture speak of the “prophet” of whom we will speak in this book, and Jesus was a prophet; and, there jarvees.comis no doubt that this statement by the Evangelist Jesus concerning the existence of Jesus and the time of his appearance was a direct quote of the Scriptures. However, there is evidence that He did not know whether to quote the Bible on the occasion of his death or not. He stated that He “must be judged before all the nations” (John 11:38; Rom. 3:15, 16). It w우리카지노as the question whether or not He must be condemned for this statement, and what His judgment would be, that He did not speak. The fact that no prophecy of His could be made or accepted as authoritative that did not come from the Apostles of the New Testament indicates that He was not an infallible prophet.

2. I am aware of the miracles of Jesus.

Jesus did in fact perform a miraculous resurrection, and therefore it is true that He was called “the Son of God.” (John 4:14; Rom. 7:11; Luke 2:32) But as has been said above, that the resurrection of Jesus and His bodily resurrection were not known before His ascension to heaven, indicates that we know nothing of the events of that time. Jesus does not claim that He performed miracles on the cross and that He died in order to provide the evidence for those events. If the miracles of Jesus were known, it is most unlikely that He would have been called “the Son of God.”

3. I am aware of the 바카라prophecies of Jesus.

All the prophecies of Jesus are clearly of historic importance. They are all of such great significance that thei

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